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Elevate your marketing strategy by learning how to leverage a decision-based approach to developing buyer personas that over 150 global companies use to drive lead gen and close more business.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why marketing continuously struggles to build meaningful connections with prospective customers

  • How to leverage interviews with recent buyers of your products and services to develop personas that will inform every marketing and sales decision you make

  • Which buyer persona insights optimize messaging across all marketing and sales channels

  • An unbiased method to align internally on the exact intersection between what buyers want and need, and what your company can deliver

  • Ways to reshape company conversations so everyone can understand the value of persona insights based on interviews with recent buyers

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About the Speaker
Jim is the President of Buyer Persona Institute (BPI), a division of KS&R, and has spent the past 30 years managing high-performing market insight teams on the client and supplier side. In that time, he’s focused on studies that directly inform marketing, sales, and product strategy with a particular focus on understanding buyer attitudes and behaviors. At BPI, Jim champions the “voice of the buyer”, particularly as it relates helping clients improve the ROI of all their marketing and sales activities including thought leadership, demand generation, lead nurturing, and sales plays.

About KS&R
KS&R is a nationally recognized strategic consultancy and marketing research firm that provides clients with timely, fact-based insights and actionable solutions through industry-centered expertise. Specializing in Business Services, Entercom & Recreation, Healthcare, Retail/E-Commerce, Technology, and Transportation & Logistics, KS&R empowers companies globally to make smarter business decisions. For more information, visit www.ksrinc.com.