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World Usability Day (WUD) 2014 was held on November 13th, a single day of 150+ events occurring in more than 40 countries that brought together people from business, industry, education and government. The goal of WUD is to celebrate the advances in creating usable services and products - and to work towards ensuring that they are easier to access and simpler to use in the future.

FedEx's highly successful event in Memphis drew 250+ attendees. Sessions focused on the theme of "Making Life Easier Through User Engagement", and included UX training and professional development.

The KS&R team conducted an interactive workshop on "The Power of Personas" and how to use them to innovate and improve UX. During the session, KS&R shared B2B case studies, and gave attendees an opportunity to try their hand at using Personas to design the features and user experience for a new mobile device.

To view KS&R's workshop presentation, please click here.

KS&R at FedEx World Usability Day 2014

Conference attendees also stopped by KS&Rs booth to say hello and exchange ideas on UX testing and design.

KS&R at FedEx World Usability Day 2014

"We were proud to be a part of FedEx's World Usability Day event and share our experiences building Personas for our clients," said Jay Scott, KS&R Principal. "Personas are an effective and practical tool that brings customers to life and keeps them at the heart of the design process."

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