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"Smarter Planet" Launch and Evolution Based on Global Qualitative Research

San Diego, June 25, 2012 – IBM's "Smarter Planet" advertising campaign is the most successful in the company's history. At this year's Marketing Research Association's Annual Conference & Expo, Jim Kraus and Mike Nash, principals from KS&R, a global market research firm, and IBM revealed the extensive market research effort behind the creation of the campaign.

"IBM has millions of customers across the globe, which was the biggest challenge," said Jim Kraus. "We were aiming to find a single concept that resonated with consumers and enterprise customers alike. It also needed to speak to customers whether they were in San Diego or Singapore."

The "Smarter Planet" campaign encompasses IBM's advertising on TV, in print and online. The message is also embedded in IBM's branding in all marketing and sales efforts.
"The early research showed how positive customers felt towards the ‘Smarter Planet' – but also identified areas for IBM improvement," said Mike Nash. "We could see how strongly the message differentiated IBM from competitors and motivated customers to learn more. This campaign has moved the needle for IBM in terms of brand awareness and purchase consideration."

Cutting Edge Research Techniques, Technology

KS&R's presenters discussed how they took IBM's message from concept through creative development, testing and refinement – across 20 countries and 12 languages.
KS&R employed a variety of in-person, phone, and online qualitative research techniques to elicit in-depth feedback (e.g., from focus groups to in-depth interviews, using straight Q&A as well as projective techniques).

The final analysis of the "Smarter Planet" campaign showed clear gains in key areas, including increased consideration to purchase from IBM as well as overall brand awareness and improved brand perceptions.

For more information on the presentation, contact Jim Kraus at jkraus@ksrinc.com and/or Mike Nash at mnash@ksrinc.com.

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