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Conferences and events deserve a place in any research brands' overall marketing strategy. For the past 12 months, KS&R has made more of an effort to participate in market research events – both domestically and abroad, specifically the Quirk's Event that took place in London, Brooklyn, and Chicago. Here are some things that I have learned...

  1. Required ‘speed' of research is not slowing down – many of the topics covered deal with compressing each of the various stages of the research process (from design, to fieldwork, to analysis and of course reporting).
  2. Appeal of ‘hybrid' approaches continues to grow – blending of qualitative and quantitative techniques or using ‘high-tech' tools such as machine learning with more traditional ‘low-tech' tools such as in-depth-interviews or focus groups is on the rise.
  3. Market research professionals must continue to advocate for their seat at the enterprise decision making table – given the deluge of data readily available, it is easier than ever to circumvent professional researchers… but of course, the expertise and experience of those professional researchers is now required more than ever before...

Conferences can help build meaningful relationships and provide fresh ideas and solutions for your business. They also offer the opportunity to position yourself as an expert and keep up with current trends, as I have recently seen. Take some time to consider your needs, expertise, and what specifically you want to achieve with these events. There is no shortage of options to pursue… so get out there and get involved.

Mike Nash

Mike Nash

Mike is focused on recommendations and action plans to inform clients' strategic initiatives. His international experience and consultative background apply to both qualitative and quantitative engagements, providing exceptional insights into B2B buyer behavior for technology, professional services and telecom clients. Mike holds a BA in Economics from Hobart College and a Masters in Public Administration from Rockefeller College, State University of New York.