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I love "Wicked the Musical". I saw it for the first time in October 2003 when it opened on Broadway. The late Ann Michel, Founding Partner and KS&R's first CEO, bought me a ticket. She thought I would enjoy the play where women take center stage and it's easy to identify with the main characters -- both the good and bad. She was right. I have now been to "Wicked" 11 times, including performances in Chicago, San Francisco, and London.

If you've had an opportunity to see "Wicked", you know that one of the most memorable moments of the story comes when the green-skinned, black-clad Elphaba laments about the extent to which folks are fixated on her verdigris.

Elphaba had it right. "Green issues" remain high on the radar across the globe. Yet a recent KS&R study revealed that in today's current economic environment, where companies are being challenged to do more for less, businesses often forgo green purchasing if it means a premium price.

Corporate decision makers, particularly those in small and mid-size businesses, admit that they are more likely to consider environmental and social sustainability factors when making personal purchases than corporate ones.

Instead, these companies are looking to leverage the eco-friendly behaviors of their service providers in order to stretch their own "green" credentials. Without having to expend resources, they are able to bask in the "green glow" of eco- association as vendors undertake efforts to recycle, lower their carbon footprint, use natural products, and buy locally.

Aesop said, "A man is known by the company he keeps." How eco-friendly are the companies you do business with…and are you making the most of it to reinvigorate your brand and your messaging?

All the best,
Lynne Van Dyke