Team Spotlight

What is your favorite part so far about being a Research Associate at KS&R?
I am a researcher and customer advocate at the very heart. I think that being able to work with our clients so that they can better understand the overall market and their customer is what I like best. In my role, I get to "play detective" - really dig in to understand what the customer needs are or what the issues are driving a negative experience - and then be a part of identifying the best way to meet the need and solve the problem so the customer has a better experience. This job never gets old; there is always a variety of projects to work on, methodologies to use, or a different industry to learn about. One great aspect of my career over the years has been my ability to take and apply research techniques from one industry/company to another. While the methodology may be the same, the people and the project insights are ever-changing.

Do you use any paid subscription streaming video services and if so, which ones? Do you have a favorite and why?
I was late to the game, as I only really started watching in the last year most likely because my college student came back home full-time due to COVID. She had most of them, (I've lost count as to which), but I mostly stick to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max. Selecting ONE favorite is tough...they are really the top 3 I watch -- each gives me something different and all have some great original programming and features.

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?
I think I would have to say Mint Chocolate Chip, but it has to be the green kind, with REAL chocolate chips. It's dependable and a classic flavor with a tiny twist.

If you had a choice between two superpowers, being invisible or flying, which would you choose?
I would choose flying...there is freedom with it that I don't think you can get any other way. Being able to soar among the clouds, I imagine a level of peace and silence that would allow you to get a different perspective of the world. Not to mention, the speed at which you can get places!

Who is your celebrity crush?
This is an easy one -- Sting. I have been a fan since my freshman year of high school.

Where would you like to visit?
As far as places that I haven't been to yet, I would love to visit Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. While I have spent time in London and the English countryside, we didn't have time to visit the rest of the area so it is a place I'd like to go back to and spend some time exploring.

Right now, I'd settle for a visit to Southern California to visit my dad. Like many, it has been far too long since I've been able to travel and spend time with extended family.

Would you rather have all traffic lights you approach be green or never have to stand in line again?
I think I would rather have all the traffic lights turn green as I approach. It always seems that I hit every red light when I am running late to get somewhere.