Company Overview

KS&R is a global market research firm which works closely with clients in a range of industries to improve market position, increase returns on marketing investments, and to define and implement market entry strategies that get real results.

A few facts about KS&R:

  • KS&R has been recognized as the #1 market research firm in the U.S. for quality and value.
  • KS&R ranks among the top 50 U.S. market research firms.
  • KS&R was founded in 1983, with continuous growth and profitability since the firm was started.
  • We employ approximately 250 people across our headquarters location in Syracuse, New York, and staff locations in metro New York, Memphis, Seattle, and Frankfurt.
  • KS&R owns and operates INSITE, a 110-seat survey contact center.
  • Our services are based around dedicated business teams focused on major industries, including technology, telecommunications, transportation, medical devices / healthcare, retail, and finance/insurance verticals.
  • Our experts include business strategists with client-side experience, qualitative specialists, and experienced analytic professionals.
  • KS&R conducts research worldwide. Our unified global data collection network ensures that every study reflects the appropriate cultural and political understanding. And our global tracking research services currently measures customer satisfaction and loyalty among stakeholders, sales-forces, and customers in more than 50 countries, including many of the emerging nations across Asia, Africa, and South America.